You Only Need Two Fingers To Easily Measure The Irregular Surfaces With This Magical Little Tape Measure!

Tina PalmerNovember 27th, 2023

I recently moved to a new place due to job change. It's a nice rental with furniture and everything all set.

To make it more comfortable and good-looking, I decided to make some changes to the inner of this apartment. I bought some ornaments such as wall paintings, plants, and beautiful tableware.

However, I met some unexpected difficulties.

This is the old sofa in the apartment, it's in good condition but I couldn't stand its dim-colored and stained slipcover. That's why I would like to buy a new cover for it.

Since the prices offered by the local stores nearby were quite unaffordable for me, I chose an online shop, where I can get tailor-made sofa cover with much less cost.

The only problem was that I needed to provide the specific measurement of the sofa to them.

As you can see, the sofa has some curves so I couldn't get the accurate data via ruler or regular tape measure.

Therefore, I have to seek some help from my friend Karen, who owns a fashion store of women's clothes. She must have solution for this.

When she received my text, she replied ASAP: "Piece of cake, just come to the store and I will give you a little tool."

What On Earth Is That?

I was so curious that I went to her place right away after work.

When I arrived, there were several clients in the store and Karen was talking with a lady while measuring her body. I didn't want to disturb them so I sat aside and waited.

What astonished me was that Karen didn't use the traditional tape measure as I thought. She used something in her hand to quickly rolled over the lady's shoulders, arms, waist... that's all!

After seeing all the customers off, Karen walked towards me with a big smile.

I asked if that's the magical tool she mentioned in the text. She handed it to me and said, "Bingo!"

What's lying in my palm was a little round tape measure. However, it has a specially designed gear instead of the regular measuring tape. And there are 3 buttons on its surface, as well as a screen to show the figures.

Karen told me that this digital electronic tape supported linear, circular arc, arbitrary curve, or any irregular surface measurement.

Sounds like the exact tool that I was looking for!

Karen gave it to me (she has extra ones) and I finally got the solution for my problem.

Measuring Via A Simple Rolling

It's a Easy Tape Smart Digital Tape Measure with 8 different functions to measure various surfaces and shapes of objects. The measured data is easy to read thanks to the clear display on a 1.8-inch VA LCD screen.

It's quite simple to use, all I need to do is put it on the surface and roll alongside the curve of sofa.

It works as expected and with about 1/3 the size and 1/4 the weight of an ordinary one, I can easily put this tape measure in my pocket and take it anywhere.

The Easy Tape Smart Digital Tape Measure supports single range 0-29.5 inch distance measurement, the cumulative distance measurement can be up to 324.8 inch! Millimeter-level measurement data makes the measurement results more accurate and precise.

I think the best part is its 10 sets of historical records, so I can check and view it at any time. What a convenience!

After finishing the measuring without any effort, I sent the measuring data and photos of the sofa to the store. They made a perfectly fit cover after a few days.

The sofa looks brand new and amazing now, I couldn't be more satisfied.

7 Reasons To Love Easy Tape

This tape measure can not only perform the work of ordinary tape measure excellently, but can also measure irregular surfaces and shapes such as clothing.

It is a fantastic technology equipment that can measure curved surfaces. An ideal measuring tool for daily uses and professionals such as craftsmen and tailors.

Convenient Smart Measuring - Millimeter-level precision measurement data can be automatically accumulated and subtracted, and 10 groups of historical records can be called at any time.

324.8 inch Ultra-long Distance Ranging - A single 0-29.5 inch practical distance measurement, and a maximum of 324.8 inch meters (automatic accumulation) ultra-long distance measurement. Millimeter level accuracy, more practical & more accurate.

Practical LCD Display - The measuring results and other data will be clearly showed on the high definition LCD screen.

Ultra Compact & Portable - 0.59inch slim body, 2.08 inch surface diameter, 30g light weight, convenient & practical. It is only 1/3 the size and 1/4 the weight of an ordinary tape measure, which is convenient to carry and measure at any time.

Powerful Multi-functions - It has up to 10 practical functions, such as straight line measurement, round measurement, arbitrary curve measurement, irregular surface measurement, cylindrical diameter measurement, accumulation/subtraction.

USB Rechargeable - Adopts ultra-low power consumption microprocessor to achieve more accurate measurement and longer battery life.

✅High Quality Materials - Made of high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy, high-hardness plexiglass and ABS materials, this product features compression resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance, much more durable & longer service life.

Here Are What People Saying:

“Fantastic little piece of kit. Absolutely Love this! It looks cool and my husband used this to measure the curve surfaces of our furnitures. This did the job perfectly."
- Serena Meyer

"I bought this measuring tape to remeasure the products I purchased from the suppliers. It stores measurements, so it's convenient to measure different parts then write the measurements later on. Great gadget to add to the tool box."
- Ken Phillips

“Good price and easy to use, bought it to measure up my body and clothes. Accurate reads and has been a great help. Small and compact, fits easily in pocket.."
- Amy Troise

Conclusion: Is It Really Worth It?

Yes. 100%! Easy Tape Smart Digital Tape Measure can be a great helper for daily and professional uses, such as waist measurement, and house building works.

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Where Can I Get My Easy Tape Smart Digital Tape Measure?

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